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Level Up with Measurement & Attribution Tools for Gaming Apps

Boost player engagement and mobile game revenue with full trust that all of your data is accurate and secure.

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Find your single source of truth

Across every campaign, every channel, and every media partner, Kochava uncovers the true sources driving high quality user acquisition and engagement. Navigate your omni-channel media mix like a pro, leveraging our plug-n-play integrations across thousands of media partners.

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Only pay once to acquire your players

Many players come and go, bouncing between titles before returning for additional gameplay in your app. Kochava helps you measure and deduplicate your users’ lifetime install activity so you’ll never pay twice for a user who reengages with your game after an elapsed period of time.

Measure everywhere users are playing

Gather user engagement data across every device and platform where your game is available with Kochava IdentityLink® providing holistic identity resolution. Know what makes your players tick, what features they interact with, and what devices they use.

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Take the fight back to fraudsters

Don’t let fraudsters attack your ad spend unchecked. Have full confidence in your campaign and app data with industry-best fraud prevention against SDK spoofing, click flooding, install hijacking, and more.

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Case Studies Images TapBlaze

TapBlaze Maximizes User LTV with Kochava

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MobilityWare Wins Battle on Fraud with Kochava Prevention Tools

KochavaCaseStudy Teskin

Measuring Millions of Puzzle Gamers

Win on Apple Search Ads

Seamlessly measure all of your campaigns on Apple Search Ads (ASA) via Kochava’s out-of-the-box support for the AdServices framework with keyword-level reporting, analytics, and insights.

Looking to more effectively scale on ASA? Search Ads Maven is a best-in-class suite of productivity and automation tools that empowers ASA marketers to:

✔ View keyword-level ROAS by in-app event goals
✔ Reduce CPA and/or CPG by 30% or more
✔ Manage bids and campaigns automatically
✔ Optimize brand protection and share of voice in the App Store

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How to Begin Marketing Your Mobile Game

Learn how to get your growth journey off to a great start.

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More growth tools for gaming apps

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Premier iOS Support
Kochava ensures secure, privacy-first measurement of all your user data across Apple devices and complete support for SKAdNetwork attribution.

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Predictive Churn Modeling
Boost overall user LTV with highly accurate predictive churn modeling. Know which players are most likely to churn and reengage them before they do.

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Media Cost Aggregation
Measure all of your omni-channel cost data in one dashboard and streamline your ROAS equation to maximize revenue.

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Data & Analytics
Dig into your app data without limits. Extract strategic insights through analytics, reports, and a built-in SQL query prompter.

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