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The Data Analyst’s Dream — Get limitless flexibility to explore your raw data in real time.

Custom Query v

Get database-level access to your full data set within Kochava.

Unlike other providers, Query is built right into the Kochava platform. There are no costly fees to syndicate, store, and manage your data with an external SQL query service.

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Leverage real-time access to all of your data via SQL prompt with UI helpers.

Explore over 16 predefined queries or create and save your own.

Running Reports with Query

Easily join data across apps in your account for cross-app, cross-platform reporting.

Run one-time reports, or schedule automated, recurring reports.

Customize reporting to an extent not possible with other platforms.

Your Data Your Way

View impression, click, install and event performance across apps.

Onboard offline data and join it with your online data for new depth and insight on your customers.

Manipulate, collide and mash data to gain insight on traffic and user behavior

Access all traffic across apps for your publishers and gain account-level insights and intelligence.

Pull data directly from the platform, or securely syndicate it to your AWS S3 bucket or SFTP server.

Use Query to enhance other Kochava tools

Four different mobile app users


Create robust audiences in query for seamless dynamic audience activation.


Write custom SQL scripts to trigger tailored alerts with Kochava Alerting.

And More…

Explore even more tools.

Not a SQL expert? No problem.

Our Client Success Managers can help you create the SQL queries you need to Harness Your Data for Growth.

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