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Kochava is the industry standard for secure, real-time data solutions. We help people-based marketers establish identity, define and activate audiences, and measure and optimize their marketing across connected devices.

Our Start

Kochava began in 2011 when a team of mobile and gaming professionals saw the need to better understand the feedback loop of user acquisition, engagement, and LTV for mobile applications. Through the process of creating apps for customers from a wide range of industries, we were repeatedly asked if we could shed some light on what media advertising efforts were converting and the effectiveness of their mobile ad spend by partner. Realizing a solution to these questions wasn’t readily available, we started designing and building a mobile
measurement platform that would become Kochava.

Our HQ Location

We live and work in the wonderful ski resort town of Sandpoint, Idaho. Kochava has sales and agency representation in major markets worldwide, but we choose to grow our development and engineering infrastructure around Sandpoint, as it allows us to stay focused on cutting code while taking advantage of the community and quality of life the town offers to our team.

Sandpoint is in the Pacific time zone and is a short 1:40 flight from the Oakland airport. While our founder and his wife have lived in San Francisco, Washington DC, and LA, they chose Sandpoint to start and grow Kochava, following the “Life 2.0” concept.

“Life 2.0” (popularized by Forbes magazine publisher, Rich Karlgaard, in his bestselling book by the same name) is the process of choosing to live in a location that you love while remaining globally relevant with exciting and interesting work. Just like Oracle’s campus, the Googleplex, or other large office ecosystems that are manufactured to create community, we leverage the picturesque downtown as our “Company Campus.” Philosophically, we believe in the “Life 2.0” concept and find it to be a great selling point for recruiting smart, talented people. A fleet of software engineers and account managers may not be the norm in a resort town like this, but we enjoy the full lifestyle benefits provided by the twin features of a great ski resort and an enormous mountain lake.

Our Story and Our Name

Kochava is a Hebrew name and comes from a word meaning “star.” The vision came from observing stars in the night sky, only about 5,000 of which can be seen with the naked eye at any given time. In reality, scientists know that there are millions of galaxies, each of which may contain over 200 billion stars as well as entire systems of planets, which are hidden from our view. As we gain visibility of these stars, we can look deeper and understand their surroundings.

In the same way, Kochava enables the visibility into and management of billions of data points, millions of users, and hundreds of millions of dollars in lifetime value (LTV) and promotional ad spend. Our Unified Audience Platform empowers our customers to see and manage their data and unleash the power of their connected audiences.

This vision, along with our recognition that a mobile revolution was underway, inspired our branding. Mobile is a fundamental technology enabler that continues to shift how brands engage with their customers. We often say, “Mobile is the tether between brands and their consumers,” as brands are able to reach their customers on a device that is highly personal and individual.

Sandpoint, ID From Above from on Kochava Mobile Summit site to learn more about how others have loved coming to Sandpoint when they become Kochava customers and ecosystem partners.

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